Baptismal PoolsBaptismal Pool Installation Anywhere in the US


We are now offering Outdoor Baptismal Pools for Churches

Combined with the spirituality that can be found in the natural surroundings of our landscaped outdoor baptismal pools readily lend themselves to baptisms in the great outdoors. Amid a garden, this baptismal pool provides safe entry into clean water in a beautiful outdoor setting.  From all around the sides of the pool, the entire congregation is able to easily observe the participants and share in the baptism service.

In the spirit of celebration and faith, members of your church come together in worship in the experience of Baptism. Let us create an experience of fellowship for your parishioners by installing an outdoor baptismal pool for your church. Our Baptismal pools are made with the finest care and materials. All I charge for this service is the cost of labor and materials to install your baptismal pool for your church. Call me for you free consultation.



The baptismal pool show here was formed with cinder blocks and then coated with stucco. We painted the surface blue  with sand to give the surface of the pool a texture to avoid slipping. The upper sitting wall is PA field stone. For the standing area we used irregular shaped natural PA field stone.

Your Baptism participants may also wish to have a celebration meal afterwards. Here we have installed an outdoor grill for just that type of celebration.